Build your pool with Easy Pool Loans & Financing.

With summer months fast approaching, you may find yourself looking at pool loans to fund your backyard dreams.

When it is time to breaking ground for a new pool, there are several routes to funding your project. For one, you may pay out of pocket or apply for financing from banks or private lenders.

With various types of pool financing options available, utilizing the help of a pool builder who has years of expertise can solve both needs

Atlantis Pools and Outdoors Inc. partners with the best financial institutions that offer low monthly payment rates. With our dedicated finance specialists, you can qualify for a secured loan on easy credit terms, and get started on your dream pool build quickly.

Whether you want a practical pool or one in an unconventional and overflowing design, finish your gunite pool construction with our pool financing programs. Besides gunite, we also offer installation, repair, remodel, and maintenance of vinyl and fiberglass pools.

Why Choose Our Preferred Pool Financing Plans

With home equity loans, the risk of foreclosure is high. If taking a second mortgage is not an option, then you may look into unsecured personal loans. However, in many states, there are elaborate credit checks and criteria you need to meet to be eligible for a loan.

Some lenders provide swimming pool financing even with bad credit, but they may charge higher interest rates than what you have in mind.

This is where our Preferred Pool Financing options make it more convenient and affordable for homeowners.

Qualifying for Pool Loans Now Made Easy

We have adequate financing expertise and are well-connected to reliable resources across the U.S that enables us to evaluate your credit history. In a few easy steps, you can view the best pool financing options available that are most suited to your pool budget and your credit profile.

Get Pre-Approved in No Time

The turnaround time for getting a pre-approval from our lending partners is typically between 24 and 72 hours. By supplying us with some essential information, learn about the potential swimming pool loan sources in your zip code and their underwriting criteria within a matter of minutes.

Pool Loans: How They Work

Borrower Information Needed:

  • Social Security #

  • Driver’s License Number

  • Current Employer

  • Gross Income, and more

Application Process:

  1. Submit your form online

  2. Credit determination

  3. Preferred finance specialist gets in touch

  4. Assess the loan amount based on our estimate

  5. Loan approval for the appropriate amount

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Less Time Spent In Researching Lenders

Applying for pool loans with a reputed pool contractor means you spend less time researching your options. Our affiliated partners are industry experts for more than 40 years, and they offer excellent customer service and specialize in helping you through the financing process. They are thoroughly equipped to advise the best financing programs for your situation with the lowest interest rates possible.

Get Pool Loans at a One-Stop Shop

When you work with a full-service pool contractor like Atlantis Pools and Outdoors Inc. which also provides repairs & equipment upgrades, you can be sure that you will get the best deals. Whether you shop for a new pool, want to add custom pool lighting solutions, or unique accessories, we guarantee the utmost satisfaction to you.

Pool Loans: What Else Should You Know

Nothing should take away your focus from the exciting new pool build – not even your financing needs.

We believe that the pool financing process should not be cumbersome, and hence, here we answer a few FAQs we get from our new customers.

Do the Financing Rates Reflect the Actual Loan Amount?

The short answer is – no, they do not. Our online loan calculator and the monthly pool payments are just an estimate, but the actual numbers may vary based on your credit situation. Our pre-approval process is an evaluation that you may qualify to receive credit from one of the lenders we use.

What Are the Variety of Options for Pool Finance?

Financing options range from secured home improvement loans to unsecured loans. You can even apply for financing and pay off early, and there are no prepayment penalties! While this is general information, we suggest that you talk to the financial lenders directly.

Can I Get 100% Financing for My Pool Project?

Yes, a 100% loan is available for qualified buyers with a 720+ credit rating. You can even finance a portion of your pool build. For instance, you may cover the base costs of the pool package but may need help with additions like the decking or landscaping. We have pool loans to include such accessory items, too.

Know Your Options: Pool Loans & Financing From Atlantis Pools and Outdoors Inc.

Dressing up your new pool with custom features, according to your imagination, may take a while; but getting a loan should not. Atlantis Pools and Outdoors Inc. can help you find pool financing faster with affordable monthly payments.